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Geredco, LLC


Geredco has many glass lined parts and accessories in stock. In addition, Geredco maintains an inventory of Pfaudler style drives and all of the accessories necessary for installation. Mechanical seals, seal housings, baffle housings, split flanges, flush valves, inline valves, reducers, many styles of small and large baffles, dip tubes, agitators, domes, GlassLock blades, and Cryolock blades and shafts.

We also carry site glasses and assemblies, covers and pro rings with and without spring assist brackets, spring assist devices, j-bolts, lubricators, Teflon gaskets, and a lot of hard to find equipment for your existing applications. Please call to inquire. If we do not have it we will do our best to find what you are looking for.


  • Sizes ranging from 5-4000 gallons.
  • Finger, H, D, Fin, Beavertail, w/ and w/out RTDs.
  • Reglassing available.


  • NEW, USED, and reglassed available.
  • Sizes ranging from 5 gallons to 5000.
  • TW/DTW, RW, Cryolock, Pfaudler, DeDietrich brands available.


  • Sizes ranging from 4" to 12 x 16, 14 x 18, 18", 24".
  • Pro Rings, both regular lugs and Spring Assist.
  • Covers, both flat and with site glasses.
  • In-stock: site glasses & assemblies, spring assist devices, pro ring hold down lugs, mounting hardware.
  • EXCHANGE program - REGLASS capabilities.


  • Many standard sizes in stock.
  • 20", 24", 30", 32", 36", 48"
  • Dome gaskets in stock.
  • Exchange and REGLASS available.


Geredco, LLC
  • DTW, RW, TW, SRW, Pfaudler, CCC, and Philly styles.
  • Cone Drive trained technicians for drive rebuilds.
  • Mechanical seals, seal housings, pedestal bearings in stock.
  • Reconditioning and rebuild services.


Geredco, LLC
  • Teflon gaskets in stock, all sizes.
  • Split Flanges and mounting hardware on hand.
  • J-Bolts, plated and steel in stock.
  • Lubricators in stock.


Geredco, LLC
  • Glass tees, crosses, 90s, 45s, and spool pieces.
  • Glass and teflon reducers.
  • Glass Lined and Teflon Valves - Flush/Inline/Ball.
  • Valve accessories in stock, head & stems, valve bodies, Teflon packing, Teflon Valve seats, RTD sensors and housings, air actuated assemblies, etc.
Geredco, LLC


Geredco has an inventory of NEW and USED glass lined vessels. We have vertical and horizontal storage vessels, reactor bodies, complete reactors, domes, and vessel legs and feet. We strive to keep hardware and accessories in stock for quick turn around and response to our customers needs.

We have the capability of assembling an entire drive system, drive, agitator, baffles, etc. at our location and shipping directly to our customers for installation. We also offer our services to aid in unloading and installation of the vessels we sell.

We have many sizes in stock and with our long history in the business we have many avenues to explore to find the exact match for your needs. Please call with any inquiries.